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If you want to see the world, it means traveling and of course, it means finding affordable lodging. Nightly lodging in high wycombe hotels can be expensive and you could end up spending a ton of money which you can spend on better things. So what do you do? Let's find out.

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What is a hotel and do you really need to stay in one?

Hotels are homes away from home for travellers who want to sit back and enjoy a new city or country. But modern travel has changed considerably. If you can afford it, a good hotel offers Wi-Fi, good food, room service, laundry, and other services in an all-inclusive package. But some people don't require all these services. You can now find local accommodation for as low as $40 that may not offer these services but are still picturesque enough to enjoy.

Where can I find these cheaper options?

- Apartments: Private apartments are offered by homeowners for travellers in almost every country. Budgets and services offered will vary considerably. We recommend comparing rates through aggregator websites before making a final decision.

- Academic housing: College cities offer dorm rooms for rentals during off-season. Check college or university websites for available rentals.

- Religious options: Churches, monasteries, temples and synagogues all offer cheap/free accommodation for travellers. However, these places do have strict rules for residents.

- Homestays: You can stay with a local family and get to you know host while enjoying the country through a local's viewpoint.

Is there anyway to get a better deal on larger hotels?

Yes, large hotels offer discount deals during off-season for single travellers. They also great deals if you book well in advance of your trip. Of course, intentionally waiting last minute for a great deal is also possible but highly risky. Price aggregator websites are also a great way to compare deals and get the best offers. These websites also offer rewards programs if you sign up with an account or become a member.

Apart from travel websites, many non-travel websites also offer great deals for members. For example, CAA/AAA offers discounts for members on hotel bookings. This means, if you already have a CAA/AAA membership you will get a good deal if you book a hotel room with their partners. In some countries, a student identification card will also get you discounts on transport, accommodation and entry to tourist attractions.

Another way to get good deals is through coupon codes. Coupon code aggregators offer deals all through the year on food, accommodation, and tourist attractions. We recommend opening an account and setting up alerts on the website. When a deal becomes available, you get automatic reminders. You can do the same thing for Google as well. Set up an alert for hotel booking deals, deals on tourist attractions, or even travel deals. With Google, you will also be able to set up geographically specific alerts.

We hope these tips help you get a good deal on your travel plans. Do write in to us if you have any special tips you use to get good deals on your hotel accommodations.